The Chagrin Falls Athletic Association offers Chagrin youth girls the opportunity to particpate on fastpitch Recreation Softball League.

Fastpitch Softball Recreation League
The Fastpitch Recreation Softball league currently has the following grade divisions:
  • Coach Pitch: 1st-2nd Graders
  • Pigtails: 3-5th Grade
  • Ponytails: 6-8th Grade
Chagrin Girls Recreation Softball Teams play in the Kenston Community Education League along with other community teams.

The Chagrin based recreation softball clubs would then begin interleague play with Kenston KCE for the month of June.

Chagrin Athletic Association efforts are directed in part to the fostering and development of all players through positive coaching techniques and stressing the fundamentals. The focus on development requires a commitment by all of those parties involved (parents, players, coaches and administration) and has four succinct objectives:

 Offer continued participation in a competitive situation.
 Development of the player,
 Development of team/program, and
 Act as a developmental feeder for successful high school programs

 We believe that softball is a fun game and there is no reason that softball at this level should be anything but fun. We have expectations of our players and we are committed to developing our teams and program. Yet, we will not lose sight of the fact that enjoying ourselves in the process is central to what we are doing.

 Accepting roles and making individual sacrifices is important. It should be clearly understood that each player’s skill level, athletic ability and attitude will determine the type of role she may play. The players we select to be members of the team may contribute in a variety of roles.

  In order for our teams to reach their potential, we must have players that are willing to work together. We will place a great deal of emphasis on this idea. How we work together and how we treat each other will be an area of emphasis.