For Parents

For Parents

Ohio's Return-to-Play Law (Into effect on April 26th, 2013)
Starting April 26th, 2013, Ohio law (ORC 3707.511) requires a youth sports organization to provide this sheet to the parent or guardian of an individual who wishes to practice for or compete in an athletic activity organized by the organization. Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet For Youth Sports Organizations - PARENTS and COACHES PLEASE REVIEW!


Requests for use of the any gymnasium shall be made through the Athletic Department in writing by using the Gymnasium Rental Permit/Application, including the following information: a description of the event, date of use, specific hours, equipment needed, and the sponsoring organization. A custodian is required to be on duty at all times the gym is rented.

The rental group/organization (including community groups) will:

  • provide a program that will be for the community purpose
  • guarantee orderly behavior – all children are required to be supervised
  • underwrite any damages due to their use of the premises
  • pay any established rates for the use of the gyms per schedule
  •  have all spectators remain in the gymnasium


  • No Food or Drink is permitted in any of the gymnasiums.
  • No outside or black-soled shoes may be used on any gym floor or wrestling mats. A separate pair of dry, clean shoes must be worn for any use. 


  • If a gym area is damaged or not properly cleaned up after each use, in addition to paying to have any damaged repaired, the following penalties will apply:
  • The organization or group using the facility will be issued a warning on the 1st violation.
  • The 2nd violation will result in the gym in question being closed for a week’s time to the entire organization or group responsible.
  • The 3rd violation will result in the organization or group responsible not being permitted the use of the facility in question for the remainder of the season.

Times are subject to change if the schools need the facilities.
***When Chagrin Falls Schools are closed due to vacations or inclement weather; all gyms will be closed to outside groups


  • Please use only the times given to you. There can be no exceptions.
  • There can be no time changes unless approved by the CFHS Athletic Department.
  • The contact person for CAA Basketball is the only person who is to contact the District Athletic Director about changes. Please do not have anyone else call about changes.
  • Do not send any gymnasium schedules to any building personnel, as it will only cause confusion.
  • Do not arrive at any gymnasium until your assigned time. Do not ask any of our MS or HS teams to leave the floor prior to your schedules practice time. Do not dribble your basketballs when the MS or HS teams are practicing. Please wait quietly and patiently until they have completed their practice.
  • All times listed are P.M. unless otherwise noted.

**Please announce to all CAA basketball coaches and players that we will be enforcing the no food and or beverage policy in all gyms.